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The Most Affordable Centres in the UK

If you wish to be free from your addiction. The best time to start getting help is now. INeedRehab.co.uk is part of the ADUS Healthcare, Est: 2009. ADUS Healthcare has residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres across the UK to help people with a drink or drugs addiction problem. ADUS Healthcare also has an addiction helpline, counselling websites, detox and rehab websites as well as directories and everything relating to drug and alcohol abuse. We are here to help, and we can help, so if you need free help, advice or support for you or a loved one, then why not call us today on Tel: 0845 3881 543  or Mobiles call Tel: 07811 606 606. We are open 24 hours a day and there is always a trained member of staff awaiting your call. You will NOT be put through to an answering machine.

We have a proven track record in providing:

  • Cost effective drug rehab treatment and alcohol rehab treatment:
  • Accessible counselling and psychotherapy
  • Easy access to residential rehab treatment and aftercare.
  • Evidence based treatment.
  • Confidential services.

As a market leader in drug and alcohol treatment we have developed a range of professional cognitive behavioural therapy treatment packages and training courses relevant to the social care and substance misuse sector.

Our approach is simple.We provide professional, clear, honest advice.

We will only offer services that are appropriate and tailored to you.

We help to ensure you receive the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment to suit your needs. When choosing rehab treatment for yourself, or for a loved one, it is important to be knowledgeable about the different  types of treatment and rehab treatment clinics available. Our confidential professional approach is simple. We provide clear, honest and knowledgeable advice from people who understand. We will only offer drug and alcohol treatments, interventions. and services that are appropriate and tailored to your individual needs.


Drug and Alcohol Medical detox and Rehabilitation you can trust

We provide drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation across the UK.

  • Having problems finding the right drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinics in the UK or Worldwide?
  • Are you fed up with being passed from pillar to post trying to get someone to listen / assist you?
  • Have you tried local Help Groups or Alcoholics Anonymous, but felt it wasn’t for you?
  • Are you looking at private or independent Drug Rehabilitation or Alcohol Rehabilitation clinics in the UK or Worldwide?
  • Looking for immediate access to drug rehabilitation or alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics for a drug / drink problem?
  • Are you confused by the mass of information about Rehab, Detox etc?

Treatment by professional private doctors


Choose one of our private detoxification packages at one of our clinics and our promises to you are:

  • 24 hour clinical alcohol and drug treatment
  • Private rooms
  • Specialist detox doctors
  • Cost-effective alcohol and drug treatment programmes in the UK
  • Experienced drug and alcohol therapists
  • Bespoke alcohol and drug treatment programmes
  • Freshly prepared, nutritious meals throughout your stay to help with your detox

Latest statistics from our Drug and Alcohol rehab centres

83% Long Term Success

80% report significant or restored family networks

85% in gainful employment or educational training

For details of what to expect when you arrive and stay at one of our centres, please go to www.AlcoholRehab.co.uk

  • We have Private Residential Rehabilitation centres available all over the UK.
  • We can also collect you from anywhere in the UK.
  • We have no waiting lists due to the amount of clinics involved.
  • We are in the top 25% of most affordable centres in the UK

If you feel you may need help with an addiction, or your would like to help someone  you know, please call us on 0845 3881 543. We talk to 100’s of people struggling with addiction every year. We can help.


If you are looking for funding for drug or alcohol rehabilitation or a detox, our team will point you in the right direction. Funding is available in the UK for anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction. Lets us show you how.